Viva Blackpool ( The early days) 2011

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We all see the amazing Viva as it is today in its wonderful location, but a lot of people didn’t  know that they started out around 7 or more years ago and rented the top floor of the Layton Institute Pub here in Blackpool..Before I close down the older version of the Live In Blackpool blog I am transferring posts of great public interest to the current site..

This report is very picture heavy and I   make absolutely no apologies..#Enjoy 


All I want for Christmas is you the show..2011
« on: December 03, 2011, 10:21:16 PM »

I am very proud and feel quite privileged that Live In Blackpool was invited to the opening night of this amazing show..

Mr Blackpool Leye D Johns leads the line up with Phil Jefferies, Darren Coulton and the stunning Thunder Girls..

Well I start my report by thanking Debbie for inviting us and to Leye D Johns for an amazing show, Leye is a very very funny man..I was crying with laughter at his unique brand of comedy..

The vocalists Phil Jefferies and Darren Coulton are amazing vocalists and would put the X-Factor contestants to shame with their amazing vocals…

And lets not forget the Thunder Girls, very talented dancers and they feature heavily in my report..

So we started our evening by being greeted by Steve.

Steve kindly showed us to our seats…

The hard working staff including Debs who prepare an amazing meal..

The stage is set..

The artists cover a very wide range of Christmas classic that are played on our screens each year, and in between Leye adds his amazing array of comedy along with brilliant vocals and dancing..

So much energy in this show..

Leye does his amazingly funny comedy spot.. :thumbup1:

He mingles with the audience..

Debs says hello..

Leye becomes Barry Manilow..this was so funny and the dancing and singing was the pictures will show..

Very attractive dancers..

psst who said my reports are boring…..

To the song Walking in the air..Leye appears on rollerskates..

A version of Summer Holiday..

Wizard of Oz..

Abba tribute..

A picture of the room with everybody really enjoying themselves and dancing..superb show.

This is a MUST see show..Highly recommended by Live In Blackpool..

Thank you for reading..

Copyright Peter Mowbray Live In Blackpool..& Leye D Johns





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