Mark James Live at Viva Blackpool

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I had the privilege to be asked to review and interview the great  Mark James and his show at Viva Blackpool.




Mark is described as ‘Sleight of hand Magic and Comedy’ but he is so much more than that, Mark is an all round accomplished and very experienced entertainer that knows his trade.



The show has a definitive two part performance, the first half was of a more traditional magic expertly performed with interaction from the audience and at times participation.







The 2nd half of the show was based around sideshow magicians like the late and great Harry Houdini.

One of the tricks performed and you will see it in my interview with Mark is whats known as the ‘Human Blockhead’..Mark actually hammers a 6 inch nail  through his nose and into his head..I jest not..!





Yes it was definitely inside his nose..


Even closer…..


The audience went wild watching this performed, he does defy all logic, and as for my day job I work in Surgery as an ODP I was very interested to see if he was actually doing this or was it a hoax, but he can actually hammer a nail into his head..!!

He then asked a member of the audience to remove it, Kelly kindly obliged..

DSC_5747 (2).JPGMark can also insert temperature gauges normally used for checking meat cooking inside his nose..



For 2 hours Mark performed so many tricks, illusions and amazing stand up comedy alone on stage just him and nothing else.

The audience loved him, he is one of the best that I have seen in a while, hugely talented and intelligently funny. Mark interacts with the audience very well, and I tried my best to compare him to other very famous Magicians but I cant as he is so unique..He is Mark James !

Mark told the audience a bit about himself and during the interview that you will see within this review, Mark talks proudly about his upbringing in the North East of England and how he has tirelessly worked hard to be where he is today..

Lots of tricks and illusions were performed during the show, every one flawlessly to perfection, I cant possibly divulge the entire contents of his show within this review as I want people to see him perform them live right in front of you..

But I will share just one more as I was amazed by this trick, Mark swallowed sewing needles  from a small container that had fizzy pop, he then swallowed cotton and the guess what..?

Absolutely stunning…!!










I was so pleased that Mark agreed to do an interview after the show, such an amazing Man, I hope to catch up with Mark again at some stage..


To book tickets to see Mark at Viva…


Copyright Peter Mowbray Live In Blackpool, Viva and Mark James



5 Replies to “Mark James Live at Viva Blackpool”

  1. Incredible review and the interview was brilliant, live in Blackpool you have raised the bar, going to see Mark based on this excellent review.

    Can’t wait for the next one

    Lisa S x


  2. Amazing show, my son Dylan took part and got on stage for the toilet roll trick he loved it and was very impressed, I took the nail out of Marks nose, crazy stuff but we never stopped laughing. Great audience participation and mark interacted well with everyone. Kelly hayward

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wasn’t it amazing, did your Son go onto the stage during the performance review..? If he did I will have pictures of him doing the trick with Mark, for obvious reasons I wouldn’t publish them within a review..


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