The Human League Manchester 2018

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I had the pleasure of watching The Human League in Manchester recently, classed as an English synth-pop band formed in Sheffield in 1977, they had amazing commercial success in the 1980’s and into the 1990’s..

Only Phil Oakey remains from the original line up, Martyn Ware went on to form Heaven 17 and had even more success..





Joined by Joanne Catherall and Susan Sulley on Vocals Phil Oakey created this amazing futuristic sound that we know today, I affectionately remember it as New Romanticism or New Romantics when it was ‘ cool’ for straight men to wear lipstick .. 

The Human League have been successfully touring for many years and selling out venues all over the World..

Manchester was no exception it was packed, with what can be best described as a party atmosphere the Manchester Arena was bouncing, the set list consisted of all their major hits and a few updated versions, I especially liked the Lebanon intro as you can tell from my excitement during this audience footage..



47143349_10156030265339150_7866940542083399680_n (1).jpg


Phil Oakey recently explained that the modern day music industry is a very difficult business to be involved in, at the moment only touring will guarantee you a regular income due to the way music is purchased..sadly the good old vinyl days and ‘The Hit Parade’ is very much a thing of the past..!  

The MEN set was fully interactive with an unusual cube system of box’s, Phil Oakey a classically trained  vocalist was on top form, the years seem to of had no affect on his superb voice, an absolutely flawless performance from the Yorkshire man..!



I did a few audience You Tube videos with my good but not professional hand held Olympus camera..You can enjoy what is the entire concert..


The Human League are continuing to tour in 2019 and will be opening Lytham Festival, be sure to go and see them.. 

Thank you for reading,,,


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