Sunseekers Travel & Tourism Show Blackpool 2019

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Sunseekers based in Blackpool hosted their annual travel & tourism show at the Blackpool Winter Gardens.

Always a popular event with the locals with professional advice from various travel companies all under one roof..

Some of the wonderful companies  at this years event,  Sunseekers, Royal Caribbean, Jet2, Viva, US Airtours,  Balkan Holidays, Worldwide Cruise and Reform Health Studio to name just a few..






Viva and Nicola was there with the Viva Showgirls to add a bit of Razmatazz..





Why not become a VIP Member at one of Blackpool’s finest..


These 2 nice guys provided a disco during the show..


Louise receiving her 3 day pass to visit reform Health Studio from Maria..


Thank you once again Sunseekers of Blackpool and all the wonderful exhibitors at today’s show .. see you all next year..


Copyright Peter Mowbray Live In Blackpool Ltd

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