Carnesky’s Ghost Train, the FINAL train..

This really is such a sad day for Blackpool, the Carenesky’s Ghost Train has sadly closed,I was so pleased that Marisa kindly invited some of the Live In Blackpool Team to take part in the last ever ride..

It was a real shame for Blackpool that the Carnesky Ghost Train was closed down, failing to promote the attraction properly led to its demise.
I was fortunate to by sheer chance stop my car 5 years ago on the Promenade, a group of people had congregated outside the Carnesky Ghost Train..It was being officially opened by Marisa and Paloma Faith..!
I couldn’t believe it, what luck I thought..
Marisa Carnesky kindly invited me to attend a very special event, the sad closing of the Carenesky Ghost Train..
I am sad that I couldn’t attend due to other work commitments, but in a way glad, glad because I would of probably burst into tears all evening..( not a good sight )..

My Wife Louise & Daughter Charlotte attended, Charlotte was very privileged to be allowed to photograph this very sad closure..
A huge thank you to my Friend Marisa Carensky and her colleague’s for making it possible..See you in London xx

This was NOT just a Ghost Train, please allow me to enlighten..

“Not such a long time ago, not so far away, there came to pass a terrible war…”

This not your usual fairground animatronics and cheap effects, but a theatrical event complete with scripted narrative. Beginning it’s undead life at London’s Brick Lane back in 2004 (appropriately, the vicinity of Jack the Ripper’s activities) Marisa Carnesky’s Ghost Train came to make Blackpool its permanent home. Climb aboard if you dare and experience the strange tale it has to tell.

Upon purchasing the ticket to ride, the audience are then ushered into a waiting room, where a disembodied voice relates the tale of two young sisters who, at the outbreak of the Great War, take a train journey and mysteriously disappear. The voice finds a body as you are then confronted by the first ghost who mourns the two missing girls and their lost souls.

Then it is time go out on the platform and take your place on the train. The driver has human form, but no face. Then, the train sets out upon its journey and suddenly you are interacting with ghoulish station keepers and scenes of the two missing youngsters in life; one is evocatively playing in a high swing, the other is reading a book. The undead station mistress initially menaces the passengers as they pass by, before herself becoming trapped and pleading for help. The ride ends with the three protagonists waltzing with skeletons to an eerie violin concerto.

The show totals several minutes, and those minutes do linger long after the ride is over. Apart from the opening narration, there is no dialogue and the story is delivered through a series of unforgettable images steeped in victoriana and burleaque, Eastern European music, lighting and, yes, punctuated with some sudden shocks. This experience is definitely not for the faint hearted, but a must for those with fire in their imagination..

Pictures of the special opening,the back stage dressing room of the Actors/Actresses getting made up and the farewell Blackpool drinks..

A HUGE thank you to Marisa for allowing Charlotte to photograph the Actors/Actresses for the final time in make up…

Outside pictures..Marisa..

Queuing for the final ever ride on Carenesky’s Ghost Train..

In they go for one last special performance..

Marisa receiving cards and gifts from some lovely people..

Back in side the Ghost Train..some never seen images..

A very moving speech thanking everybody by Marisa Caransky..

And for the last time, Marisa pulled the lever to close The Carenesky Ghost Train..

A few pictures of the closure drinks to celebrate the time the Ghost Train was here in Blackpool..until next time.. 

It was lovely, Marisa is also a celebrated Magician,and her friends and colleagues entertained everyone.. 

Pick a card Louise, any card… 

Say stop..!!!

Inside the envelope is something written down that means a lot to you, it was something that you was thinking about.. 

On behalf of Marisa and the Actors/Actresses and everybody connected with Carenesky’s Ghost Train..

Thank You..X

Copyright Live In Blackpool @ Marisa Carnesky

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