Rod Stewart Live In Lytham

I find it incredible that Cuffe and Taylor keep on getting these wonderful artists to perform every year at the Lytham Festival, its been a regular event in Lytham for 10 years now and every year its getting better and better..!

Last night I was fortunate to see the incredible music legend Sir Rod Stewart grace the stage in Leafy Lytham ..

He was on fire jumping around the stage like a 25 year old,..

He pleased his adoring followers and fans wearing the famous Stewart Tartan and hats with his repertoire of hits..!

He even said said we have a 2 hour show how many hits do you want me to sing..?

He wasn’t joking either, hit after hit after hit flowed out this cultured singers lips and he didn’t put a foot wrong,this really was a performance that ranks up there with the best of the best..

Rod has been performing for over 50 years and he still has what it takes to fill a stadium and get an audience in the palm of his hand, he still has those cheeky boyish looks and the crowd adored him..

The audience absolutely loved Rod Stewart..Fan shots..

Image may contain: Peter Ian Mowbray and Louise Hunt, people smiling, sky, close-up and outdoor

Rod Stewart really did live up to his Superstar status, he gave everything and this clearly showed in this dazzling performance, I can now understand why he has such a loyal following, I was talking with one guy at the front and has not missed a single Rod Stewart concert in 26 years..!

I hope that you like my concert footage and I hope to see Rod Stewart again in the future..

Copyright Peter Mowbray Live In Blackpool Ltd


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