Supernatural Experience Blackpool Opera House

Stephen Mercer returned to the Blackpool Winter Gardens and Opera House after a 10 year absence.

With Stephens Supernatural Experiences they are NOT designed to terify but to educate people in the World of the Supernatural, obviously sometimes things do happen that clearly cannot be rationally explained as was the case during this Supernatural Experience.

I will let you into a little secret, I am the biggest sceptic but have an open mind, I like to see facts and try to understand the science behind everything.

This is the second Supernatural Experience that I have been on and each time I have left bewildered thinking about what had just happened, trying to understand the logic and physics behind what I had experienced in the 5 hours spent in this old building.

My answer is I couldnt explain anything, I was allowed to film little parts of this experience with the kind permission of Stephen Mercer and the rest of the people taking part.

I will post some images of the event and provide a brief description of what is happening..

Stephen provides you with all the technical equipment required for you to go and find Ghosts..I was very impressed with science behind this, but dont worry as Stephen will brief you on how to use them..

So we move to the first location the Stalls of the Opera House

People were just getting into what was happening and we are then shown to the different areas of the Opera House, one area in particular was of great interest and that was a little alcove to the left of stairs, we experienced something very strange there and we decided later on to perform a Ouiga board session in that location, the results can be seen in my video, quite strange..

We were all then led to the projection room and my EMF meter was quite active leading to it..

After refreshments and time to take a deep breath we were escorted to the famous Winter Gardens Opera House Stage, lots of incidents and stange goings on in and around this area, I am not going divulge any secrets but you can definately feel lots of activity here..

We then went back to the Circle Bar area, Louise was drawn to an area adjacent to the Bar and we decided to conduct a Ouija board session in this location later on..

I was asked by Stephen to randomly fire of my camera into the theatre to see if I could capture anything. I use professional digital equipment and my Nikon D7000 DSLR is considered to be one of the best cameras..It was only when I got home I spotted clear ORB’s on some of my images, ORB’s is what is known a collection of energy of Ghosts..

I hope that people have enjoyed my Blog on this Supernatural Experience, Stephen Mercer is one of the best around and is always very professional. He explains everything to you and ensures that you are safe at all times. I really enjoyed the Opera House Ghost Hunt and left feeling that it was a very good experience, I cant wait to book on another Supernatural Experience with Stephen Mercer..

Please enjoy my short film from the night..

Copyright Peter Mowbray Live In Blackpool @ Stephen Mercer Supernatural Experiences

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