Live In Blackpool origins began way back in 2007.

Peter Mowbray was a Moderator on what was then the BPB Guide, a fan site for the Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The BPG Guide closed and various members then formed Live From Blackpool, LFB was hugely successful but sadly it didn’t work out and Live In Blackpool was born.

Dave Kerr is the only original Team member left and he has helped build Live In Blackpool with Peter Mowbray

What People Say

Pete and Dave are true ambassadors for Blackpool

Dr Steve Green

Take my hat of to these 2, Blackpool Legends !

Scott B

I didn’t realize that Blackpool had this little gem. Being in Australia its great to see the latest goings on in my old Town.

Binga Bonga

Let’s build something together.