Blackpool Football Reports

enrith Vs Blackpool 19/07/14
Penrith AFC, 7 league tables below Blackpool but what an amazing club with superb supporters..

Its what football is all about, I loved visiting this club today to watch Blackpool play them, a huge thank you to Penrith AFC for making everybody so welcome..

I didn’t see the guy who dresses up with tangerine facepaint and a wig (Tangoman) at today’s game, it was a pity as Sky Tv was there, and we all know that he enjoys his time in front of the Sky camera’s..bloody media whore..

Well its not been an easy time for anybody associated with Blackpool FC unless your surname begins with the letter O

It was a question of will Jose Riga be at the game today, well he was and it turned out to be a very different Blackpool team with a different style of play..

In recent years we have had to endure kick or lump it up and defend like mad football tactics from 2 excellent ex footballers but not managers..

Today we observed a team that has somebody who actually knows the meaning of tactics, and pass and run football…

Blackpool played in such a way that I left Penrith feeling very optimistic, but I kept on telling myself of the huge gulf in the league tables and with respect to Penrith they are NOT Wigan or Fulham and we will be facing teams like that in 19 days..

From what I could see and this is my own personal opinions, and I don’t pretend to be an expert  in footballing matters, but it does appear that we have a good Managerial and Coaching set up at Blackpool FC, we just need quality player’s..

I liked the lads who played today, especially Nathan Delfonso who scored 2 goals..
Some of them would struggle against some average mid table Championship teams if I am honest..

I liked trialist number 15 and number 3, didn’t catch their names..

Trialst  number 7 was also very good and dogged..

Number 11 scored a very smart back heeled goal, I liked him as well..

Bobby Grant played in hole just behind the forward line and he did well and scored..

Pictures from todays game..
I am just going to post 88 images that I had taken with a few explanations, I hope that those with more footballing knowledge will be able to reconise some the players on trial for Blackpool..

Sky Tv man asking us all not to say any bad words whilst on air.. :tongue_smilie:
Whoops a few was said by the Blackpool faithful..but not swear words  :tongue_smilie:

Warm ups and last minute coaching..

8 players..?

Blackpool Gazette Journalist Will Watt with Penrith Mascot Bradley.. :thumbup1:
A huge thumbs up from me as I watched Will talking to him and spending time with the lad.. :thumbup1:

Teams line up…

Kick off…

This lad has safe hands, I liked him..

The Fonz, I hope he signs..

Sergei Zenjov scores.. :tongue_smilie:

Delfonso Scores.. :tongue_smilie:

Faroun..he played well..

Delfonso scores an amazing 2nd..!!

Bobby Grant makes it FOUR..!!

Half Time Penrith 0 Blackpool 4

Riga sat in the stands..But the person 3rd on his left reading his text messages looks very familiar..Is it..Uncle Val..?

2nd half..

Riga gives instructions to his coaching staff, sadly no phones in the dugouts..

You see he was really there.. :w00t:

Full time..

Derby County Vs Blackpool 3/11/12
Its taken me more than a few weeks to write this report, the departure of Ian Holloway as Blackpool Manager has left me feeling more than gutted if I am being honest..not because he was bloody amazing for Blackpool, but because I had the privilege of meeting him on a few occasions and during those meets I found him to be quite a remarkable person and a good Man that is dedicated to his lovely Wife and Family..

I really wish him all the very best in his Managerial career and would like to thank him for making me and many other grown men cry at Wembley on the 22nd of May 2010 when Blackpool won promotion to the Premier League..

Thank You Ian Holloway..   :thumbup1:

On arrival I wanted to park my car, only to be met by this sign..

Quite strange, I only had 3 in my car so they expected me to pay more..??
I dont think so.. :w00t:

Derby really is the armpit of the UK, closely followed by Stoke..and Wolverhampton..hated it.. :cursing:

So Blackpool played Derby and to be honest were never in the game, we lost 4 – 1..

Just some pics from the game..

This guy actually told me before the game that Derby would beat Blackpool 4 – 1..might pop back this week for the lottery numbers.. :tongue_smilie:

Fan shots..  

Pictures of the game..

A nice touch, the players still shocked by the news that Ian had left come over to the fans and clap..

1 – 0

Cleary hearts are not in it..

2 – 0..

Start of the 2nd half..

And we get a Penalty..

Tom Ince..

Makes it 2 – 1.. :thumbup1:

But sadly..Derby make it 3 – 1.. :thumbdown:

Andy Garner ex Blackpool Captain looks a bit CHUNKY.. :w00t:

It ended 4 – 1 to Derby..and a long drive home..

Copyright Live In Blackpool..

Sheffield Wednesday Vs Blackpool FY4 Away Trip 6/10/12
FY4 To Sheffield.. :tongue_smilie:  Firstly a big thank you to Bob & Hazel and to Smithy who I believe was partying hard in Sheffield in some posh wine bar or something.. :tongue_smilie:

Great bunch of people, like to let their hair down and have a laugh, cant wait to go with them again to more away games.. :thumbup1:

My first time in Sheffield to be honest, only ever been there on work related impressions..? I quite liked what I experienced..friendly problems at all..There was even an impromptu game of pool in a pub, between the the 2 sets of fans.. :thumbup1:

After many wee stops..

We arrive in a very remote Pub just outside Sheffield..It was Bobs idea to stop here..
Quite a strange experience happened as our mini bus pulled up.. :w00t:
This bloke appeared in a combat outfit, instead of saying hello..first words..Have You Booked..!!!!  we said err no..Well I dont want any F**cking swearing was his reply..!!
Any Bother and you will all be flung out sithy…!! was his response.. :lol:

I dont know if you can remember  the Film..An American Where Wolf in London..?

Well this pub was just like that, bloody Weird..!

We said hello to the friendly locals, and decided to take our seats, nice and quietly..

Hoggy tried to catch his tea… :tongue_smilie:

A bit hungry so we tried to find a Fish & Chip shop..Found this place as well… :w00t:

Sheffield Wednesday football ground..its a huge stadium..but not a lot of noise from the home team.. :tongue_smilie:

They do play..High Ho Silver Lightning though..   :lol:

Never forget the 96 Football Fans who died there..x

Oh hello… :wub:

Game on..

Blackpool fully deserved to score.. :thumbup:

I wasn’t using my normal camera..but a small pocket size one.. ;)

Half time..

Would just like to mention..those fans who came to support the Mighty last utmost respect to you..all 300 did Blackpool proud and you were very loud.. :thumbup1:

Can you spot me.. :tongue_smilie:

2nd Half..

Blackpool play with confidence,intricate little back heels are paying off and the ball is kept on the floor..

It pays off and we score our 2nd of the game.. :thumbup:

the game ends Sheffield Weds 0 Blackpool 2 and a much and fully deserved 3 points for Blackpool..and Steve Thompsons first win as Caretaker Manager.. :thumbup1:

Take a bow did good.. :thumbup1:

Hope you enjoyed my report.. :w00t:

Blackpool Vs West Ham Utd Championship Play Off Final 19/05/12
 Its very difficult to write a report about a game that we should of won..Wembley can be so unforgiving in defeat as it can be so jubilant in victory.. :(

Blackpool tried their best but only converted one of their 7 chances on goal, West Ham scored 2 from 3..
Thats the margin I am afraid to say, a game that Blackpool dominated a terrible shame that they didnt win..but they should be very proud of themselves for getting themselves into this position.. :thumbup1:

Its fair to say that the whole of Blackpool is so proud of the team and management.. :thumbup1:

So my personal report from the game,  we left Blackpool at 4.30pm on Friday and decided on a Mcdonalds burger meal at Deepdale retail park in Preston..
With our car covered in Tangerine and Glad all Over being played we passed Deepdale Football ground,the home of Preston North End.. :tongue_smilie:

We parked outside Mc Donalds and went inside for a burger.. :tongue_smilie:

To be honest the Preston supporters inside were behind us, one guy told us that he admired the cheek of us and hoped that we beat West Ham as they beat Preston in the final a few years previous.. :thumbup1:

We left our hotel in London and made another low key approach to the game.. :tongue_smilie:

Wembley… :thumbup:

In the Torch was far too busy, couldn’t get served and was 10 deep at the bar..

We decided on going to the shop over the road and buying a few tinnies and stand in the Quick Fit car park next door.. :w00t:

Very odd..I found this stuck to a blokes hat… :w00t:

Said hello to Victoria and her Dad..

Charlotte my Daughter..

Not had the chance to give an old friend a hug for 20 years.. :thumbup:

and her lovely Family.. :thumbup1:

Wembley is a day of bumping into lots of friends and colleagues.. :tongue_smilie:

I found the majority of West Ham fans to be ok, just a few of them spoilt it..

Bradley my Son..

Tangerine invasion begins..

Going into the stadium…

Chris gets the rubber glove treatment..I think that he enjoyed.. :tongue_smilie:

Warm ups..

Tony doing a good job in getting the Blackpool fans going.. :thumbup1:

The Blimp..

Yes I think the were.. :tongue_smilie:

A breath taking sight..

National Anthem.. :thumbup1:

At half time some random drum group..

Ince scores.. :thumbup:

End of game.. :(

We just wanted to get out of London and back home to Blackpool to be honest..

We left London at around 6pm and made it home for 950pm..

We stopped of for something to eat and said hello to Brian and friends.. :thumbup1:

Before arriving back at Bloomfield Rd, we did have a bottle of champagne to open, but left it in the boot of the car..

Thank you for reading and a special mention to my friends who are Crewe supporters..good luck I hope you enjoy your day out at Wembley.. :thumbup1:
see you all next season around the grounds.. :thumbup1:

Copyright Live In Blackpool..

Everton Vs Blackpool FA Cup 5th Round 18/02/12
Shame about the result but with 7 changes from the team that won at Doncaster Rovers and after going 2 down with only 6 minutes on the clock..I thought we did quite well.. :tongue_smilie:
Priority will and always be has always been a swift return to the Barclays Premier League… :thumbup1:I was walking back to Lime St station after the game and chatting with an Everton fan..he told me that everybody looked forward to Blackpool’s return to the Premier league and hoped that we did it this year at the first time of asking..

So I start my report by mentioning that I left my beloved Sony Alpha DSLR at home as there was no way I was taking it Liverpool with respect, and I wouldnt be able to get it into the stadium.. :thumbdown:

I phone pictures I am afraid..

So we leave Blackpool on the 8.44 to Manchester and then to Liverpool..

A few tins later.. :w00t:

We arrive in Manchester..

They must be pretty thick in these parts… :scared:

So onwards to Liverpool..

Lunch.. :thumbup1:

Said hello to Hadyn.. :thumbup1:

We made our way into Liverpool city centre to see some sights..

This is one huge scarf..Sam showed it me..nice bloke.. :thumbup1:

Briefly went into Liverpool One and then to the toilet where they wanted 20p for us to use the toilet, I found this to be the case all over Liverpool..

I only had 1 20p coin left, so we all joined one line and as I point the coin in and the barrier opened we ran through.. :thumbup:
Saved 80p.. :tongue:

We had to do a bog mirror shot.. :cool:

So I was as interested in looking round this amazing city of Liverpool..I have only been once and that was work related, I loved the size and the shops..

Here is the Queen Victoria statue..but she has a willy.. :thumbup:

That Duck bus thingie.. :thumbup1:

An Everton fan..

The Radio Station tower..

The famous Playhouse..

A prostitute sign..

So we jumped in a Liverpool cab for the drive to Everton FC..

Lots of little was really cute..


The Toffee lady gives out sweets.. :thumbup1:

Blackpool sold nearly 6,000 seats for this game.. :thumbup1:

Gary gets injured.. :thumbdown:

Drenthe..a very good player for Everton, but does like to fall over very easily…and the referee buys it every time.. >:(

If you look closely in this image, you can see that Baptiste had suffered a nasty cut to his leg.. :thumbdown:

The game finished 2-0 to Everton..lets now concentrate on Promotion.. :thumbup1:

Brighton Vs Blackpool 20/08/11

Firstly I would like to thank Alan (Smithy),Bob, Hazel   and everybody involved with the Blackpool supporters FY4 club.. :thumbup1:

A brilliant bunch of people, I really enjoyed my day with you all, it was superb, great banter amazing company and just a good laugh.. :tongue_smilie:

It was on Wednesday that I decided with Peter who also writes on LIB that we should try and make this game, we had made plans to drive but 2 seats became available  with FY4 and Smithy kindly offered them to us.. :thumbup1:

So my day started at…. :w00t:

I thought that I would grab a Mcdonalds breakfast before joining the guys at the Highfield pub of which was the rendezvous point..

Sadly breakfast is NOT served until 7am and I ended up having some absolute rubbish that ended up in the nearest bin..!!  :cursing:

So we departed from Blackpool at 5am, and we had our first stop and a real breakfast at a little unknown place that Alan & Bob knew.. :tongue_smilie:

We had a quick wee stop in the Midlands and I asked a nice Wolves fan to take our picture.. :tongue_smilie:

Some of the lads were late coming back, so I caught them in these pictures.. :thumbup1:

Bob.. :thumbup1:

Inside our van, everybody having fun.. :thumbup1:

Me.. :w00t:

Kelly decided that she wanted to be the photographer.. :tongue_smilie:

Leanne.. :tongue_smilie:

Not sure who this is.. :tongue_smilie:

Kelly.. :tongue_smilie:

Alan (Smithy).. :thumbup1:

We see the stadium in the distance.. :thumbup1:

We decide not to go into Brighton town centre but find a nice little pub to have lunch and to kick a few tin cans around in the car park.. :P

Peter BfcShorty.. :tongue_smilie:

Bob & Hazel.. :thumbup1:

A few of the lads.. :thumbup1:

The landlord of this pub told me that FY4 was a credit to Blackpool Football Club, lovely well behaved supporters.. :thumbup1:

Even the Chef wanted to get onto the report.. :w00t:

Dan and his mate.. :thumbup1:

Joe and his friend who ate the biggest carvery meal that I have ever seen.. :w00t:

Leanne & Kelly.. :thumbup1:

Alan gets his shorts on.. :thumbup1:

So safely inside the stadium.. :thumbup1:

First thoughts..Superb, a very nice stadium that would grace the Premier league.. :tongue_smilie:

But you do get covered in this dust.. ;)

The catering wasn’t the best though, the beer was pre poured and warm and the pies were very tough to bite into.. ;)

We were shown to our seats, but they were right at the front, so we made plans to try and move.. :tongue_smilie:

A few random pictures.. :w00t:

Jaime joined us.. :thumbup1: this lad travels from the Isle of Man to watch Blackpool.. :thumbup1:

Pre match entertainment.. :tongue:

This nice man took our picture.. :w00t:

Out they come.. :thumbup1:

Nets are checked by a new Female lines person..  :love:

The Brighton pa announcer welcomed Hull to its new stadium… :w00t:

BBC report..

Kevin Phillips scored twice for Blackpool as they fought back from 2-0 down to earn a draw with Brighton.

Craig Mackail-Smith opened the scoring for the Seagulls, heading home Craig Noone’s cross on the half hour.

Noone provided once more, firing in a cross which Ashley Barnes smashed in from close range to double their lead.

But Phillips pulled one back on the hour nodding in Neal Eardley’s cross before equalising in the last minute lashing home from deep inside the box.

It was no surprise that Noone was heavily involved in the game’s opening goal, the former Plymouth winger scampering down the left and whipping in a cross, which the predatory Mackail-Smith guided into the bottom corner with an excellent header.

The entire Blackpool defence switched off five minutes into the second half, allowing Noone to fire in a cross which Barnes smashed in from close range for his fourth goal of the season.

However, Blackpool reduced the deficit after Eardley delivered from the right and Phillips was in the perfect position to nod home.

In the 90th minute Stephen Crainey’s corner was only half cleared and the former Sunderland striker was on hand to lash home a late leveller and his fourth of the season.


We switched seats.. :tongue_smilie:

Half an hour to go and 2-0 down..Ian H brings on 3 substitutes.. :thumbup1:

Instant impact, the game changes and Blackpool dominate.. :tongue_smilie:

Goal.. :tongue_smilie:

And then super Kevin Phillips gets his second and the Blackpool fans celebrate.. :tongue_smilie:

Hmm not as loud as you were earlier..! :tongue:

psst ‘Sing when your winning’.. :lol:

We decided to get back to our buses.. :thumbup1:

Alan with two Police officers.. :tongue_smilie:

Just like to give credit to the Police and Stewards at Brighton FC, they were superb and let a lot things go, this should be the case at every ground, commonsense.. :thumbup1:

I was so pleased to of bumped into a lovely Man called Ray, last season Ray asked me to find somebody who could use his match tickets for the West Brom game as he couldn’t attend..
I found a Father & Son and they were so pleased..Ray there are not many kind people around like you Sir.. :thumbup1:

Thanks for reading my long report, and once again thank you to everybody involved with FY4 Club.. :thumbup1:

Copyright Live In Blackpool..

Blackpool Vs Newcastle 23/04/11
Well at the time of writing this, I still cant understand why a Premier League referee who is supposed to be ‘ the creme da la creme’ of officialism, ends up up missing obvious penalty descions..
I was in good company yesterday and found it very very difficult not to rant at these amazingly poor and consistently crap descions.. :thumbdown:  I could sense  that my friends also felt the same way so we all ranted together at various stages..Martin Atkinson you are a disgrace and its so apparent that there is some kind of hidden agenda going on that we dont know about..
Blackpool are playing teams in this division and are up against 12 men every week..its not fair..I start my report by saying thank you to Paul and his wonderful Family & Friends for inviting me to their table.
Lovely people and great company.. :thumbup1:

The Boss.. :thumbup1:

We take to our seats and take in the amazing atmosphere, the Blackpool fans became the 12th man, they got right behind the team, somebody mentioned to me that the fans could be heard all over Blackpool.. :thumbup1:

Crowd shots, some were taken by Paul.. :tongue_smilie:

Picture of the day.. :thumbup1:

Out comes the flag, game on.. :thumbup1:

BOOOOOO Newcastle score.. :thumbdown:

Blackpool dominate play, attack after attack..its amazing football..

GOAL to Blackpool….
  :thumbup: :thumbup:

DJ Campbell…. :tongue_smilie:

Everybody sings ‘Glad all over’… :tongue_smilie:

Half Time refreshments.. :thumbup1:

One of the few descions that Mr Atkinson was forced to give Blackpool, I mean you dont want it to look  like he wasn’t a fair referee did he.. >:(

Ian Evatt your a legend..   :thumbup1:

Referee blows for full time, and a lot of people including me were NOT happy with his refereeing style..
A few words came to mine..Useless was one, another one was pathetic.. :scared:
Just to name a few..

This fan actually told him what he thought.. :thumbup1:

David Vaughan picks up his Man of the match award..

A clip of the game.. :thumbup1:


Blackpool Vs Wigan 16/04/11

I wont go into the match analysis as it would make grim reading, unfortunately the players failed to perform today..

I watched the Wigan supporters enjoy their moment, as we did on the opening day of the season, when we thumped them 4-0 and it was amazing to of experienced that..

But if they think that they are staying up, as that was the song that they decided to sing to us, they are wrong..

Anyway I have a lot of images from the game, I hope that you get some enjoyment out of seeing them.. :thumbup1:

DJ Campbell arrives..

The Worst away coach to visit Blackpool this season.. :tongue_smilie:

I am pleased that Kingson didnt start today, you can clearly see him being hugged by the Wigan players during the warm up. ;)

Some really nice people offered Bradley the chance to start the Flag.. :thumbup1:

Some friends of mine.. :tongue_smilie:

Crowd Shots..

Bloomfield Bear..

I love these sprinklers… :thumbup1:

Blackpool Score….

Copyright Live In Blackpool..

Blackpool Vs Aston Villa 12/02/11
An amazing game that Blackpool should consider themselves to be very unfortunate to only draw.
On a lovely sunny day, 16,000 people watched a very tense affair..
When Gabriel Agbonlahor opened the scoring for Villa after 10 minutes it could have opened the floodgates.Instead Blackpool regrouped quickly and equalised four minutes later thanks to Elliot Grandin.

Villa were reduced to 10 men in the 70th minute when Jean Makoun was given a straight red card after a challenge on DJ Campbell.

But they had lacked drive before then and that must be a concern to manager Gerard Houllier.

Villa were as poor in the second half as they were bright in the first half. Darren Bent had sight of goal inside the first minute after Agbonlahor picked him out but his effort was blocked.

Blackpool again found themselves on the back foot moments later when Ashley Young released Stuart Downing but his cross was scrambled away.

Villa made the breakthrough in the 10th minute following a swift counter attack that left the home side exposed.

Bent laid the ball off to Agbonlahor and he showed a blistering turn of pace before going around Richard Kingson and firing a shot into the corner.

However not for the first time this time this season Holloway’s side stormed back and equalised in the 14th minute.

Grandin got a vital touch at the near post after Villa failed to deal with a corner from Charlie Adam.

Two minutes later Luke Varney should have put Blackpool ahead only to head wide from six yards following a cross from Marlon Harewood.

Play switched back down the other end and Stewart Downing came close to regaining the lead for the visitors in the 30th minute.

The former Middlesbrough winger carved out an opening for himself on the edge of the area only to see his curler come back off the outside of the post.

Bent, however, was not getting things all his own way at this stage but the England striker was happy to track back if needed.

Blackpool hit back in the 54th minute and almost took the lead with Adam at the heart of the move.

The Scotland midfielder released Varney on the left wing and he skipped to the byline before delivering the cross.

Campbell got on the end of it at the near post but clipped his effort wide of the target when it seemed easier to score.

Houllier then decided to freshen things up in attack with Emile Heskey replacing Bent in the 57th minute.

Blackpool were growing in confidence and Adam swung in a free-kick six minutes later but Villa managed to scramble the ball to safety.

Then Varney laid the ball into the path of Harewood on the edge of the area. However he blazed a shot high over the bar before Puncheon sent his effort wide.

Villa were then reduced to 10 men in the 70th minute when Makoun was sent off for a challenge on Campbell.

Adam was pulling the strings in the middle of the park and released substitute Matt Phillips with a glorious ball in the 80th minute.

Phillips got a good touch but then then found himself crowded out as he attempted to get in a shot.

Time for a few pictures…

Aston Villa coaches… :tongue_smilie:

To the Number one for a pre-match refreshment.. :tongue:

Aston Villa coach.. :drool:

A nice car.. :thumbup1:

Players warming up..

Out comes the flag.. :thumbup1:

Away support..

Bloomfield Bear..

Our support.. :thumbup1:

Out they come…

Time to toss up, to see who goes at which end… :tongue_smilie:

Villa score.. :thumbdown:

Corner to Blackpool… :tongue_smilie:

The moment Grandin actually scored.. :thumbup1: the ball is just hidden behind the goalie… :thumbup1:

Half time and something quite incredible.. :tongue_smilie:

Little Liam, WON the Golden Gamble and £1,700 pounds.. :thumbup:

I was chuffed for the lad.. :thumbup1:

I spotted an Edinburgh Tangerine Flag.. :thumbup1:

Blackpool Vs Sunderland 22/01/2011
As games go and as a Blackpool fan it does hurt me to say it, Sunderland fully deserved their victory today.
Their work rate was better in all departments and they took their chances..But..they were dirty especially Zendan.. :cursing:

The Sunderland fans are a credit to their club.. :thumbup:

Anyway away from the game briefly, my good friend Stevie was at todays game from Perth Western Australia, a lovely lad that used to go every game with me in the 80s & 90s.. :thumbup1:
I was fortunate as well to of met up with Peter (BfcShorty on AVFTT) and Jaimie who flys from the Isle of Man to watch Blackpool.. :thumbup1:

The legend.. :thumbup1:

At the club shop, Chris decided to buy a Charlie Adam signed photo.. :thumbup1:

Players arrive, and the media were in attendance, I did meet DJ Campbell but sadly my camera failed to function when I wanted a picture with him.. :(

To the Number One for a pint.. :tongue_smilie:

Stevie arrives, I haven’t seen him for a few years as he lives in Perth Western Australia, he told me that he watches every game live in Australia, because of the time difference he will watch a game at 10pm live in Australia.. :thumbup1:

Jaime from the Isle of Man.. :thumbup1:

In the middle is Peter or better known as BfcShorty.. :tongue_smilie: (He is shy).. :w00t:

It was nice to see lots of Sunderland fans mixing with Blackpool fans.. :thumbup1:

A brilliant picture.. :tongue_smilie:

Stevie meets up with Chris.. :thumbup1:

The Blackpool Theatre of Dreams.. :thumbup1: or The Wonga Dome..?

Team coach..

It was rubbish, the worst coach to visit Blackpool this year, it didnt have Sky.. :tongue_smilie:

To the Game..

Players warming up and the Flag comes out..

The BBC said..

Kieran Richardson’s clinical first-half double strengthened Sunderland’s claim for a European place as they held off a Blackpool comeback at Bloomfield Road.

Richardson slotted the Black Cats ahead after a slick counter-attack and incisive pass from Asamoah Gyan.

And he doubled the lead and his tally for the season with a first-time strike after great work by Steed Malbranque.

Charlie Adam’s late penalty made it 2-1 after Nedum Onuoha was harshly deemed to have felled David Vaughan.

The Seasiders skipper’s coolly slotted spot-kick gave Blackpool hope of salvaging a point from another pulsating tussle between the sides.

But unlike the previous meeting last month – which Sunderland somehow lost despite pummelling the Blackpool goal – neither team can lay claim to dominating this time around.

That is not to say the Black Cats were not good value for their win.

And they showed no signs of a turbulent week in which top scorer Darren Bent was sold to Aston Villa , as they surged ahead on 15 minutes.

The goal was tough on Blackpool as they were down to 10 men with Neal Eardley off the pitch with blood pouring from a head wound after getting a kick in the face from Richardson.

But the visitors showed no mercy as Gyan released Richardson with a delightful through ball and the versatile former Manchester United man fired a measured shot across goal.

Sunderland then almost made it 2-0 when Jordan Henderson found Ahmed Elmohamady but the latter’s right-wing cross just evaded Richardson.

The Seasiders responded and visiting keeper Craig Gordon was forced to make fine stops to deny both Luke Varney and the ever-inspirational and much-wanted Adam.

Varney should have scored after being sent through one-on-one by Adam and then Adam saw his 20-yard shot tipped over by the Scotland international keeper.

But Sunderland added to their lead 10 minutes before the break when Richardson raced forward, anticipated an inviting pass from Malbranque and fired a low first-time shot past Richard Kingson at the near post.

The classy Adam, who was demonstrating exactly why Liverpool are interested in luring him to Anfield, again went close for the hosts with a long-range strike – this time a curling free-kick that Gordon pushed away acrobatically.

Blackpool upped the tempo after the break and despite an injury to Kingson which forced boss Ian Holloway to bring on Paul Rachubka, they started to get on top.

Adam had yet another attempt saved by Gordon and substitute Marlon Harewood sent a low strike just wide.

Finally Adam did find the net from the spot after Vaughan was felled by Onuoha, but despite six minutes of injury-time, Sunderland held firm.

Half Time Wonga cash dash.. :tongue_smilie:

Sunderland fans, I quite liked them they were quite loud and sang well.. :thumbup:

Sadly Kingshon is injured  :(, But is replaced by Chubs..   :thumbup1:

To great applause from the crowd.. :thumbup1:

Marlon ‘ The Big Dipper’ Harewood comes on.. :thumbup1:

??? The Worst referee in the Premier League.. :glare:

His assistant referee  was even worse, he forgot to keep up with play, and missed too many off side descions.. :cursing:

Anyway what do you do when your team wins away from home..??

Strip off and chuck it into the crowd.. :w00t:

Anyway I dont like ending on a low, here is a video from You Tube of Charlies goal.. :thumbup1:

Blackpool Vs West Ham 22/11/11
But its not a disaster, Blackpool didn’t perform and missed lots of chances, West Ham played better and scored 3 goals..I could say plenty of ifs and butts, Evatt not starting is a bit of a head scratcher.. :ohmy: Rumour has it that he was being punished for something that was said at training, but I am not sure what that was..

I am missing the Everton game on Saturday, as I am only a Band C ticket holder and they were sold out before they came our way, but I dont have a problem with that..
I was able to get Wolverhampton tickets away for the 26th instead.. :tongue:

West Ham lifted themselves off the bottom of the Premier League table as they beat Blackpool 3-1 on ‘Stanley Matthews Day’ at Bloomfield Road.

A debut goal from Robbie Keane, added to Victor Obinna’s brace – including an absolute screamer – sealed the three points for the Londoners in what was only their second away win of the season.

The match saw West Ham travel to Bloomfield Road for the first time in 40 years as Blackpool lost their fourth home game out of their last five.

It started at a frantic pace as both sides tried to get on the ball, but it was the visitors who claimed the first chance just two minutes in.

Victor Obinna latched onto a poor clearance by Alex Baptiste and let-rip, but Richard Kingson in the Blackpool net saved at full stetch.

It took just a minute for The Tangerines to reply however, with Andy Reid going close as he sent a shot just past Robert Green’s post.

As the first quarter-of-an-hour roared on, Andy Reid was continuing to see a lot of the ball on his Blackpool debut; however his possession wasn’t coming to much as his crossing was wayward and the Seasiders struggled to find a way through the West Ham defence.

West Ham continued their pressing in the 21st minute, after a good drag back by Wayne Bridge to yet another debutant, Robbie Keane, but just as he looked to shoot, the ball was poked away, eventually falling to Scott Parker who smashed the ball high and wide.

Seconds later, Bridge was again causing trouble down the left as he put in a teasing cross that was met by Blackpool defender Craig Cathcart who nearly put the ball into his own net, but Kingson pulled off a great save to keep the scores level.

However, Kingson went from hero to villain in just over a minute as Victor Obinna stormed into the Blackpool penalty area and shot towards the near post only for the ball to go straight through Kingson’s hands and into the back of the net.

Blackpool had the next decent opportunity with Andy Reid trying an audacious curling effort, only for Robert Green to tip the shot over the bar.

But it was about to get much worse for the Tangerines as they fell two behind on 37 minutes as Robbie Keane grabbed a goal on his debut. The Irishman buried a rebound after Kingson managed to save two Obinna shots in quick-succession.

At this point, West Ham were looking good value for their lead and appeared to be cruising to three points, but five minutes later, the name on everybody’s lips – Charlie Adam – somewhat fortuitously, gave Blackpool a lifeline.

Adam drilled a corner in to the near post, and even with Frederic Piquionne’s efforts, the ball found its way into the net giving Green less than no chance.

But The Hammers restored their lead just two minutes later with a quite sublime strike from Obinna. Good work by Parker allowed him to lay the ball off to the Nigerian who had acres of space and let rip with his left foot from 25-yards, leaving Kingson no chance as the ball rocketed into the top left corner.

As the second half started, Blackpool were looking to turn West Ham’s complete domination on its head as The Hammers had 69% of possession in the first half.

However, it was the visitors who came out of the blocks the quicker of the two sides as Piquionne surged into the Blackpool area but lost his footing just as he looked to strike, much to the annoyance of Obinna.

The next real chance didn’t come for another 15 minutes, with substitute James Beattie nodding a header back to Gary Taylor-Fletcher in the 62nd minute, only for the midfielder to manage a tame effort that amounted to nothing.

The hosts couldn’t have gone much closer six minutes later however, as Neal Eardley jumped ahead of Charlie Adam in the set-piece taking queue to smash a free-kick against the bar as the Seasiders continued to look for a way back into the match for the second time.

Blackpool began to show a little desperation in the 71st minute as there were appeals for a penalty after Beattie fell to the floor in the area, only for play to be correctly waved on by the referee.

The Tangerines continued to apply pressure to the West Ham backline with substitute Marlon Harewood getting a shot away as he was allowed time by Wayne Bridge, but Green was equal to the former Aston Villa striker’s effort.

But that man Obinna popped up again moments later and looked to score a replica of his first goal as he drilled a shot in towards the near post, but the shot zipped wide and Kingson wasn’t forced into work.

Just prior to the games ‘Man of the Match’ , Victor Obinna, being replaced, Charlie Adam went close to grabbing his second of the game as he linked up with the almost anonymous DJ Campbell, but Adam dragged his shot wide, spurning a good chance.

The pitch almost played a part in Blackpool’s potential comeback on 85 minutes as Green missed the ball from a back pass as a divot took the ball away from his boot just as he looked to smash it clear, but luckily for him, the ball rolled wide anyway.

The last chance of the match fell to Harewood after Luis Boa Morte gave away possession, but Green made a good save as his side managed to hold on to their two-goal lead to secure the three points and lift them off the foot of the Premier League table.

The West Ham coach arrived by Police escort…

This coach was not as good as Blackburns.. :tongue_smilie:

Enough of the coach excitement,.. :tongue:

The Flag comes out and the game is about to start…

Just before the game kicked off, I was absolutely sick and disgusted that the West Ham supporters sang about the late Michael Jackson and his Monkey Bubbles.. :w00t:
It went something like Im forever blowing Bubbles.. :tongue_smilie:

Half Time..

Eardleys freekick.. :tongue_smilie:


Blackpool Homecoming Parade 23/05/2010

The Blackpool players received a heroes welcome from around 60,000 people on the Blackpool Headlands..

I was great to see, here is a selection of images from this amazing day.. :thumbup:

Edited to announce that this lovely lady, after nearly 2 and a bit years..I have traced her via facebook..Emily sadly passed away last week..I dedicate this report to her memory..xx

At the headlands you could here the sound of Blackpool FC, Mr  P A Man and Hoggy beating his drums.. :thumbup1:

The flag covers us.. :w00t:

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Re: Blackpool Homecoming parade 23/05/10
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Have all those other wonderful images being lost from this thread?  :(

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Proud Salopian (With a part of the heart in Blackpool)


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Re: Blackpool Homecoming parade 23/05/10
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Have all those other wonderful images being lost from this thread?  :(

Yes sadly, but I have every single image stored..

I will re-build them all.. :thumbup1:

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Re: Blackpool Homecoming parade 23/05/10
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Good stuff Peter. A lot were Rick’s weren’t they? Do you have them as well?

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Proud Salopian (With a part of the heart in Blackpool)


Re: Blackpool Homecoming parade 23/05/10
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You’re a True Tango there Peter. Putting effort in and taking time out in your busy life to keep the dream alive and visible.  :thumbup:

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Re: Blackpool Homecoming parade 23/05/10
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Good stuff Peter. A lot were Rick’s weren’t they? Do you have them as well?

Sadly I dont have Ricks pictures, just my own.. :(

You’re a True Tango there Peter. Putting effort in and taking time out in your busy life to keep the dream alive and visible.  :thumbup:

Thanks mate.. :thumbup1:

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Re: Blackpool Homecoming parade 23/05/10
« Reply #6 on: January 23, 2011, 11:43:33 PM »

Nice report Peter, but you forgot to post these  :w00t:

Tut Tut, a Womans work is never done  :thumbup1:

Peter took these  :scared:

West Brom Vs Blackpool 15/01/2010
Well its late but that’s down to not having anywhere to post it.. :tongue_smilie:

West Brom did a special deal for this game 2 x Adults 2 x Children for £40.. :thumbup1:

We decided to take them up on this amazing deal..

So we left Blackpool at around 930am as we had heard of trafic delays on the M6..

First of many wee stops.. :w00t:

We arrive at West Brom.. :thumbup:

After a Mcdonalds..we made our way to the stadium.. :tongue_smilie:
They print shirts in the car park.. :laugh:

We just had to go inside the shop.. :thumbup1:

It was a very good shop, well stocked with lots of WBA merchandise, we spotted West Brom belly bars to your own leather West Brom Chair.. :thumbup:

Christmas comes earlier every year.. :w00t:

Those chairs.. :w00t:

We met some really nice Albion fans, some really went out of their way to show us around.. :thumbup1:

Louise and a West Brom player, with a very long name..

Louise with the West Brom Chairman Mr Jeremy Peace

Me with the ?? Blackpool Chairman Mr Karl Oyston..

Blackpool FC arrive.. :thumbup:

I was able to have a brief chat with Charlie.. :thumbup1:

Ian Holloway appears..

A lovely guy, that signed lots of stuff and shook hands.. :thumbup1:

Brad being filmed for the Wiki Ball thing.. :w00t:

A really nice West Brom fan, who showed us round.. :thumbup1:

Our final image, just before the steward told me that if I my camera leaves my bag during the game, I will be removed from the stadium… :w00t:
Serious hardcore an hour before kick off.. :tongue_smilie:

Copyright Live In Blackpool..

Stoke Vs Blackpool 11/12/10
Well this was a game that I didn’t have a ticket for and had no intention of going due to other commitments..
But on Saturday morning I just had a feeling about this game, I just said to my Wife we have to go to Stoke and rearranged some things..
I phoned the stadium and asked if I could pay on the gate, and just set off…

We arrived at the Britannia stadium at 12.45 and spotted Liam.. 8)
Liam traveled down   the night before and stayed over in Stoke, he also wont mind me telling you that he had a good night in a few Stoke bars.. :P
My first impression of Stoke is one of a barren waste land and a place that was about as appealing and endearing  as Kerry Katona..
I hated it the moment I parked my car in the town all I wanted to do was to go to the stadium, watch the game and leave..
Maybe I am being a bit hard on a town stepped with history but to be honest I felt unwelcome and will not be rushing back again, unless the mighty are playing.

At the stadium Liam had his supply of Cola that was in plastic bottles, he was told by a steward that he was not allowed to take them inside the stadium.
I asked him why and he told me that they could be laced with drugs, I told him that I thought he was taking the pi**, I explained that they were sealed bottles, he then said that a substance might be injected into the bottle..
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I went on to say that drugs could be concealed on a person and that he didnt know the rules..

I could of pushed it a bit more but felt that if I did I would be refused entry into the ground..

Anyway we drank them outside the stadium before going in.. ;D

I left my camera at home because I was told by the lady on the phone, that it would be taken off me.. ::)
Mobile phone pics.. ???

Outside Britannia..

Inside a cold and empty Britannia..

The Tangerine army turn up and are told that they are making far too much noise and had to sit at the front.. ::)

They were allowed back to sing when the game started but once again stewards..give them a bloody uniform and they think that they are Hitler.. ::)

These same stewards are involved with away fans at Bloomfield Rd, because I had a chat with the Woman who chucked out the young lad.. ::) ::)

6 massive blokes chucked him out for having banter with the home fans to our right, we had a shoe chucked in our direction, but nothing was done..

It does get me annoyed when stewards try to play Mr/Mrs Policeman, not sure what training they have but I have to say that the few I have had discussions with this season at away grounds have been pretty stupid.. 😀

The players warm up and the stadium starts to fill… 8)

Just before the game started there was a very moving tribute to the late great Sir Stanley Matthews.. 8)

Matthews would have been proud of the way Blackpool – unchanged from their last game at Bolton – not only kept the ball but showed resilience when needed.
Stoke huffed and puffed but were left deflated as their five-match unbeaten run came to an end.
Blackpool showed what they were about in the 15th minute when David
Vaughan clipped a volley narrowly over the top after a cross from Stephen Crainey.
Holloway’s side were beginning to settle into the game and Campbell found himself in a good position, however, he found the wrong side of the post with his effort.
Stoke almost took the lead in the 36th minute following a piece of inspiration from Ricardo Fuller.
The Jamaican got on the end of pass from Matthew Etherington 25 yards out and sent in a superb shot that beat Richard Kingson but came back off the bar.
Back came Blackpool and Charlie Adam delivered a delightful ball into the path of Elliot Grandin six yards out.
But the midfielder seemed slow to react and goalkeeper Asmir Begovic got there ahead of him and made the clearance.
Stoke were anxious to make the breakthrough before half time and twice came close to taking the lead.
Jermaine Pennant, showing no ill-effects after his injury, delivered a cross into the path of Rory Delap but he headed into the arms of the goalkeeper.
Then Delap found the net but his celebration was cut short with the effort was disallowed for Huth’s challenge on Kingson.
Stoke made a determined start to the second half and Dean Whitehead found space on the edge of the area but hoisted his shot over the bar.
Two minutes later Blackpool launched a swift counter-attack and Campbell opened the scoring.
Adam and Luke Varney linked up, before the skipper whipped in a fine ball which was finished off by Campbell at the back post.
Blackpool were growing in confidence at a ground where some of the top sides in league have found it a struggle in the past.
Adam and Vaughan were pulling the strings in midfield and that meant Fuller and Jones were being deprived of good service.
Fuller did break into the area in the 63rd minute only to scuff his shot wide of the post.
Blackpool then came within a whisker of adding a second goal in the 66th minute.
Gary Taylor-Fletcher came up on the blind side to get on the end of an inswinging free-kick from Adam only for his header to come back off the bar.
Stoke came close to equalising in the 73rd minute when Etherington struck a free-kick firm and True only for it to rattle the woodwork.
Two minutes later Kingson reacted instinctively to push up a goal-bound header from Huth and Crainey cleared off the line as the home side kept up the pressure.
Etherington then cut in quickly from the right but his effort failed to test Kingson before Delap came close, hitting the post with his shot.
But Blackpool saw the game out for another welcome and deserved three points.

Its time like this I really miss my camera..

Charlie Adam was giving his shirt to a grateful young fan.. 8)

Blackpool Vs Wolves 20/11/2010

On a day where President of the Football Association and future King of England Prince William came to Bloomfield Road as part of his stag party, Blackpool overcame Mick McCarthy’s Wolves with a majestic goal from Luke Varney and a rather less regal poke home from Marlon Harewood.

The home side started the brighter with the pace of the forward line of Marlon Harewood, Dj Campbell and Luke Varney providing a fantastic outlet for the long and searching balls of Charlie Adam and David Vaughan in the Blackpool midfield.

The Breakthrough came early for Ian Holloway’s side as a long ball from Ian Evatt was brought down with expertise by Luke Varney. The former Crewe Alexandra striker, occupying a position on the left hand side of the Tangerine attacking triumvirate, proceeded to lash the ball with a first time shot. The delight on his face was evident as his sweetly struck shot sailed of Wolves’ goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann and into the top right corner of the now rippling goal net.

From then on, Mick McCarthy’s side had the better of the possession, exposing a slightly sluggish Blackpool midfield as first George Elokobi and then Kevin Foley marched forward from full-back without a marker to offer an added attacking threat. Wolves, however, failed to find an equaliser in the first half as the Irish battering ram that is Kevin Doyle narrowly put a number of headed efforts wide of Richard Kingson’s goal.

The half wore on with both sends trying, in vain, to secure the goal that would, in Blackpool’s case, provide a comfortable position, or, in Wolves’ case draw them level. Serbian international Nenad Milijas was brought on in place of full-back Kevin Foley but the creative midfielder failed to find the spark needed by Mick McCarthy’s side.

Ian Holloway’s Blackpool capped off the first half in a similar, but less spectacular, fashion to how they began. A deep and swinging crossed ball from resulted in Wolves’ defenders failing to clear and a goalmouth scramble ensuing. In an act of improvisation Marlon Harewood poked the ball goalward, through the masses of bodies and, according to referee Mark Clattenburg, over the white paint of the goal line. Needless to say, Wolves fans were less than happy, as their offensive vocal diatribes testified.

Blackpool emerged for the second half knowing that if they maintained the same level of performance throughout, they would be rewarded with the win and the three points, bringing that much vaunted fourty point buffer ever closer.

As the Wolves fan’s and player’s frustrations mounted Blackpool’s fans and players became ever more steadfast in the search for the victory. One ray of light throughout the half was the increased effectiveness of Matt Jarvis who skipped past Blackpool right-back Neil Eardley on a number of occasions, unfortunately failing to find a telling pass in the final third. Today’s performance won’t have done his England chances any harm but they won’t have made a lasting impression on Fabio Capello either.

As Matt Jarvis grew into the game he inspired his teammate and first-half substitute Nenad Milijas to come to life. As the second half progressed the Serbian found himself in a number of intelligent positions, rifling a stinging shot against the right hand post, from just outside the area. On another day the effort would have sailed into the back of the net, but not this day.

As the final whistle of Mark Clattenburg drew nearer, Wolves looked more and more intent on getting something out of this game. They finally found the breakthrough with a brave header by the strong lone front-man Kevin Doyle. The Wolves man rose hightest from a deep cross to head the ball past Richard Kingson and into the Blackpool goal, ensuring a lifeline for his side.

Throughout the match the visitors looked inhibited by the recent poor form, showing a lack of confidence, making the wrong decision when in possession and illustrating a lack of understanding with one another’s movements. As the black country find themselves steeped in the relegation zone, manager Mick McCarthy will be hoping that much needed confidence boost will come, and fast!

Another three points, meanwhile, will elate Blackpool, and another home win sees them confound the critics yet again. The Tangerines are now in a comfortable mid-table position with a third of the season gone and look comfortable to carry on their reasonable form going into the second third of their maiden Premier League campaign. Prince William will retreat to his stag part tonight, knowing that the attacking football dished up by Ian Holloway’s side would be fit for any King!

Not a bad coach.. :tongue_smilie:

The Future King..

Copyright Live In Blackpool


Newcastle 0 Blackpool 2 September 12, 2010

Blackpool against the odds won at Newcastle 0 -2.. :w00t:

Brad with Charlie..


The coach driver was lost, and our first stop was here.. :w00t:

We enter Newcastle and the Angel of the North..

And over the Tyne..

A seriously big stadium..

The game gets under way..

Blackpool’s fairytale start to life in the Premier League continued on Saturday as goals from Charlie Adam and DJ Campbell secured a 2-0 win at Newcastle.

Ian Holloway’s side were widely tipped for an immediate return to the Championship after their surprise promotion via the play-offs last season.

But Holloway’s collection of cast-offs and journeymen have defied the odds to win two of their first four matches and they sit proudly in fourth place after a gutsy display at St James’ Park.

The Seasiders took the lead through Adam’s penalty and, after several fine saves from Matt Gilks, Campbell grabbed the second goal in the final moments to hand Newcastle their first home defeat in 27 matches.

However, the victory was bitter-sweet for Blackpool as it came in the week youth team coach Gary Parkinson was left critically ill in hospital after suffering a stroke.

Newcastle’s defence was carved open by Adam’s 12th minute through-ball and Steve Harper had to block Campbell’s effort at point blank range before turning Brett Ormerod’s follow-up around the post.

The hosts responded through defender Mike Williamson, who met Joey Barton’s 25th minute free-kick with a looping header which evaded Gilks but came back off a post.

Gilks then denied Kevin Nolan after the midfielder had run on to Andy Carroll’s flick-on.

Blackpool were always willing to commit men forward and they took the lead on the stroke of half-time.

Luke Varney surged into the area and Alan Smith conceded a penalty with an untidy challenge.

Adam beat Harper with the resulting penalty and then unveiled a T-shirt bearing the message “4 Parky” in tribute to the club’s ill youth coach.

Newcastle were back on the attack early in the second half and Nolan helped the ball on to Carroll, only for Gilks to make a brave save at the striker’s feet.

When Barton muscled his way into the box the midfielder looked certain to score until Gilks threw out a hand.

Peter Lovenkrands then fired straight at Gilks, who also saved Carroll’s looping header as Newcastle started to take control.

Gilks preserved his side’s lead again when, after Carroll had played Lovenkrands through, he got down well to palm away his firm drive.

However, Gilks saved the best for last when he blocked Carroll’s goal-bound shot with his foot two minutes from time.

His heroics were crucial as Adam found Campbell in the 90th minute and the former Leicester striker fired across Harper into the bottom corner.

After the game we make our way back to the coach, for a long journey home..

Back at Blackpool, we say hello to Ludovic Silvetstre and Ishmail.. :thumbup1:

Copyright Live In Blackpool

Blackpool Vs Fulham..
Well what can I say about this..?

Blackpool were superb, they fought for every single ball and gave everything.. 8) 8)

Luke Varney on his debut shone like the recent over passes of the Space station, and Supper  Bretty Omerod was superb..

Charlie Adam was at his best, it was just what we needed after 39 years away from the top tier of English football..

Well as you know the game ended 2 – 2 but Blackpool dominated and had 2 goals ruled out.. :(

Due to copyright laws I am not allowed to display images of the game in a public area, I am sorry..

The Barclay’s Girls.. :P

After all that excitement I needed a beer in the Blackpool club pub, it sure beats the boring sad act that likes a cup of tea with 7 sugers, I know your reading Ken Barlow….. 😀 😀 😀

Fulham arrive..

We entered the stadium at this point, but here is a picture at the end of the game.. 8)

Copyright to Live In Blackpool..

Arsenal Vs Blackpool 26/08/2010

The scoreline of/ 6 – 0 was a little unkind against a decent looking Blackpool side.
After Evert was sent off Blackpool did well to keep the scoreline down.

A nice stadium…

Great support by the Tangerines.. 8)

Mrs Mowbray

Destroyed by Wallcott 😦

Copyright Live In Blackpool


Wigan Vs Blackpool 14/08/10

I hope you enjoy my report on the game, as I write this I am still on cloud 9..
Blackpool played so well yesterday I am still convinced that there is still  more to come from this team.
We started the day quite early at 6.30 am, sadly Chris my oldest had to work so missed the game, but he will ensure that he is free for every home game at least.

Ok back to the game…

Blackpool announced their return to the top flight of English football with some style, they produced a display of fine passing football and made quite a few people eat their words.
Blackpool were so comfortable on the ball and they gained with confidence as the minutes went by..

Wigan in contrast looked like a team lacking in confidence but what I think happened is they underestimated Blackpool and their fitness..
I mention fitness because it appeared that Blackpool were in fact physically and mentally tougher than their counter parts from Lancashire..

Ian Holloway gave Elliot Grandin his first start and he showed a lot of potential,in fact he was quality.
Craig Caithern was composed and showed quality, Marlon Harewood, well what can you say about Marlon..? this man has been there before, with experience at the top level for nearly his entire career..
Marlon scored a brace of goals but showed strengh and sharpness on the ball, Marlon is already becoming a legend with the Blackpool faithful..

The star of the game for me was Gary Taylor Fletcher, he has in my view become a better player under Ian Holloway.. 8)

There are so many pluses from the game, I just find it incredible how little old Blackpool stuck two fingers up at the so called experts that had said they wont even win a corner..!!
I prefer them to keep on slagging unfashionable Blackpool off because its inspiring them to prove them wrong..

I would also like to dedicate this report to Blackpool 12th Man.. 8)

The Tangerine Army played their part in this remarkable victory, they got behind their team from the start.. 8)

They sang their hearts out for the full 90 minutes and greeted the Wigan fans with a wall of sound.. 8)

I laughed on Match Of Day when I heard if Preston was watching..

I would also like to say thank you to the people of Wigan, the average man, woman and child in the street made us feel very welcome..

An example of this was when we left the train station, we went the wrong way, we walked for a mile or so making lots of noise like you do..
I was approached by the Wigan town centre Manager in plain clothes..

He told me that we were not doing ourselves any favours by behaving in this way, why he chose to speak to me about it I dont know..
Anyway  I explained that there will be no trouble from these lads as they are only singing..
And he said ok no worries, and then said oh by the way your going the wrong way the stadium is 3 miles in the opposite direction..

Ok some pictures and a video from the day and these type of reports will only be made at the games I attend, I would never dream of copying from a Sunday paper and posting them as my own.. ::)

Live IN  Blackpool will be present at 75% of Blackpools games in 2010/11 Factmundo..

We arrived in little old Wigan and made our long overdue return to the top flight with a proud march through the town, singing and celebrating.. 8)

We were lost and this lovely True fan that represented Wigan walked with us to the DW Stadium.. 8)

Bradley met a Blackpool/Wigan/Liverpool fan outside Frankie’s & Benny’s and we were invited inside..

We were made to feel very welcome by the Wigan fans inside and debated football, they even painted Bradley s face for him.. 8)

Me and BfcShorty..

At the DW stadium..

Blackpool win.. 8) 8)


Outside the ground there were scenes of jubilation.. 8)

Louise found that a piece of the DW Stadium had stuck to her back..

And I could resist..

On returning home we found the riot Police had been in attendance due to some rogue fans of a rival Premier league club that decided to cause trouble.. ::)


Copyright LIVE In Blackpool


Blackpool vs Nottingham Forrest playoff 1st leg 8/5/10


I am so pleased to bringing you this amazing report from today’s  1st leg playoff from Blomfield Rd Blackpool.

Blackpool came from behind to beat Nottingham Forest at Bloomfield Road and earn the advantage after the first leg of their Championship play-off.
Chris Cohen put the visitors ahead with a sublime curler but Keith Southern turned in Ian Evatt’s cross to level.
Dexter Blackstock headed against the bar and Stephen Crainey twice cleared off the line as Forest poured forward.
But Charlie Adam won it for Blackpool from the penalty spot after James Perch had brought down DJ Campbell.
Campbell , who had been a major doubt for the match, might have given Blackpool a two-goal lead to take into Tuesday’s second leg at the City Ground but the striker shot high and wide from a good position inside the box.
That was with 20 minutes remaining, and it would not have flattered the hosts after they shook off a poor start to claw their way back into the contest and dominate the second half.
However, the Seasiders needed a top-class save from keeper Matt Gilks, who turned Cohen’s drive around the post in the last minute, to maintain their lead.

Nottingham Forrest took  the lead after 13 minutes in some style, Cohen using the outside of his left boot to curl a shot into the top corner.

But only seven minutes later, Blackpool pulled themselves back on level terms.
Seamus Coleman drove across the pitch from the right wing and laid the ball off for Evatt, whose cross took a deflection and fell nicely for Southern to finish from six yards.
After the break Blackpool served notice of their attacking intentions when Brett Ormerod had a shot blocked and then almost got his head to the resultant corner.

The intensity of the match was turned up a notch when Blackstock and Coleman clashed – both were booked. Hardly surprising that tempers would fray in a match of such magnitude, and there was a total of eight cautions in the game.

Blackpool were the first to react constructively after the flare-up when, four minutes later, they won a penalty after Perch fouled Campbell.

Adam stepped up to coolly dispatch the spot-kick, for his 18th goal of the season.

As the match swung from end to end, Blackstock saw a header drift wide and Campbell lofted a shot over the bar.

Ben Burgess almost grabbed a third goal for the home side with a shot that whistled past the post.

The atmosphere inside Bloomfield Rd was absolutely amazing, the fans got behind their team and the players responded.
Whatever happens at the City Ground on Tuesday one things for certain Blackpool FC have given a good account of themselves and we as a town ought to be bloody proud of what they have achieved.. 8)

I hope that the fairy tale continues..Iam has done amazing things with this team..

Pictures of the day..

Blackpool Tower with its BFC Flag..

We go for the customary beer before the match..

At the Stadium..

Players warming up..

The tension inside the stadium is starting to build as the fans start to arrive..

Nottingham Fans..

Blackpool Fans..

The Players line up and we are go..!!

We were loving it..!!

It was 1-1 at half time and in the 2nd half Blackpool launched attack after attack at the Nottingham goal..

Blackpool earn a penalty..

Charlie Adams places the ball on the spot..

And nearly breaks the net..!!

Much to the delight of the Blackpool Fans..

Sadly Gary Taylor- Fletcher was kicked in the face..

And he had to go off..

End of the game and Blackpool take a slender lead to Nottingham..

Outside of the stadium the Blackpool Fans wanted to wave goodbye to the traveling Nottingham Forrest Fans.. ;)

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