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Jekyll Live at the Old Town Hall Poulton 22/06/2013

Jekyll a young group most certainly on the up, remember the name..!
A young group that really has that bit of something that a group needs to take them to the next level..

Its good to see pubs like The Old Town Hall supporting live music, its so easy to go down the cheap line of having music played over loud speakers or even worse, resorting to the 1980’s worst creation to leave the shores of Japan..Karaoke..

Music in any form should always try to be performed live..Jekyll definitely proved last night that this is the case, their extensive musical tastes from different decades clearly demonstrated their talent..

They gave the regulars exactly what they wanted and if not more, they have their own songs as well and they went down a storm..!

Lead Singer Joel Foster has this unique knack of interacting very well with the audience, I have watched him a few times and you cant help but like his stage presence,the group in general work very well together and are tight as a unit..

For a few songs Joel plays the key boards, I would love to see the key boards more at the front of the stage rather than the back so people can feel the emotion and feeling, but it does still work well..

A true test for any band is when somebody catches you by surprise, this happened last night..after the set Joel asked if anybody had any requests..up popped a young lady who asked for a song that the lads had never performed before..Joel said oh, that’s something that we haven’t played before, I need some help with it he requested..

It was Don’t look back in anger by Oasis..he started the song on his guitar and the whole pub started to sing the lyrics..!

It was a moment that you had to of been there to appreciate..

I have quite a lot off images from the performance, I plan to do regular updates on this band because I really do believe in them, a lovely bunch of level headed young men, they are very polite and are very well supported by their parents at every concert…

A bright future ahead ..

Dawn on the sound system..

The Group Jekyll..

Plenty of dancers….

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Dysphonia Rocks Uncle Toms Cabin Blackpool 4/5/14


When I went to see a few bands last Summer at an open mike show in Poulton Le Fylde, a group of lads caught my eye.. :thumbup1:

Their name is Dysphonia..they are a Punk Rock band, and to be honest, I had not listened to a lot of Punk since the 1980’s…

What caught my eye was their enthusiasm, stage presence and their energy.. :thumbup1:

These lads really put on a superb performance..!  :thumbup1:

I made it my mandate to see them again, but in their normal setting..

I thought my ship had docked when I read that there would be an evening of Punk rock as part of a weekend of was called the TNT Experience…

Dysphonia were playing so it was a definite for me to go and see them…

So who are Dysphonia..?

Here are their Bio’s…

Paul Banyard

Named Banny, mmmmm let me guess, its because of his surname, and not because it rhymes with anything else!
Started singing whilst he still had hair, and performed at local pubs/clubs using a backing track.
Entered “Stars in their Eyes” as David Bowie and made it to the Semi finals.
Was the lead vocalist of 80’s punk band “Strum” along with fellow Dysphonian Adi. Some Strum songs have made it into our current set list (no ones here).
Now he’s a menace on and off stage with his radio microphone, NO ONE IS SAFE!
Favorite Dysphonia song: All of them of course!
Influences: David Bowie, Dead Kennedys, Elvis, Magazine, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart, Iggy pop and the Stooges, and more.

Adrian Green
The man behind the throbbing bad ass bass lines!
Just as punkrock exploded on the scene & his older brother bringing home punkrock records in 1976/77, sparked a love of punk for Adi. Soon he picked up the guitar and forming a local punk band in late 1977 called ‘The Vomitz’, then moving onto ‘The Flyfot Sect’, ‘Alter ego’, ‘Crisis UK’, then moving over to bass to form ‘Strum’ with Banny. He was always involved with playing music as he was also sidelining in ‘Vonneguts’, ‘Litterbug’, ‘Erase Today’, ‘Ghosts of the North’, ‘The Garbagemen’ (where he met Gaz), ‘The system’ and the ‘Carnagemen’.
A hectic time, but those early years have stayed with him, and he still plays like he’s attacking his bass (hence the spare bass always on hand).
Influences are anything punkrock and anything in the American hotrod scene (as he owns some meaty cars!)

Gary Hanson
Drumming for over 11 years in bands such as the System, the Carnagemen, and No malice.
Influences: One way system, Drop Kick Murphys, Rancid, Stiff little fingers, Rob Zombie, NoFX and more…

Michael Rigby (aka Mike Many Boxes)
Named so due to the fact he has a constantly changing selection of effects pedals, as he says most multi effects sounds like “Satan farting into a paper bag” or a “Barry Boy exhaust”.
Started out as a bass player, and still considers himself a bass player rather than a guitarist. Previously has gigged with the Lizard Kings, The support, Organised confusion, and many unnamed bands.
Pedals that have made numerous appearances: NYC Big Muff, Digitech screaming blues, and Ibanez CS505
Currently using a homemade strat copy (unbranded body and neck) with fully custom wiring.
Backup guitar is a Les Paul junior copy with P90’s, again homemade.
Favorite Dysphonia Song: Real World
Guitar influences: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, East Bay Ray, Lars Fredrikson, Mike Einziger, Johnny Cash and more..

Here is one of their tracks..

Distances… :thumbup1:

As I said that their performances are very visual, they capture your imagination, you are surrounded by sound and I find it to be very captivating..

Look forward to seeing this group again..they rocked..!!  :thumbup1:

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Jekyll perform Live In Blackpool, Blue Room 12/04/14


Jekyll Jekyll Jekyll Jekyll I keep on saying their name as I predicted a couple of years ago that this young group are destined for bigger and better things..

They are full of potential yet to be realised, they have recently been very busy in the studios working on their latest EP.. :thumbup1:

I am fortunate to be able to see lots of live music, the music scene in this town is absolute quality..lots of amazingly talented singers and groups..

Jekyll last night performed a mixture of their own songs ( some new ones from their un released EP ) and a few covers..

It was a shame that the chap on the PA system wasn’t on form  as there was a real opportunity for some good tunes to be played..
As I said that talent and quality always shines through, and this was the case last night..

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