Blackpool Trip Reports

An old one from 2010..

Illumination Depot Tour..22/06/2010

I am very pleased to be able to display images from our behind the scenes tour of the Blackpool Illumination depot.
I would like to thank Mr Rryan for making this possible..

Chris Mowbray has taken all these images..

The arches are being re bulbed by a team from Italy..

Mr Ryan with some of the low energy bulbs.. 8)

The Water pumps and lights from Venus Returns..

Its a huge place..

I loved this car..

The Tower..

The paint spraying room..

This is a working project..

Now this is an exclusive, this will have a ghost story teller when its finished..

Thousands of bulbs are purchased directly from the supplier..

The Daleks..

Not many people can say that they pulled the famous lever that turns on the Blackpool Illuminations, but we can..




A big thankyou to Mr Ryan and all his staff for allowing Live In Blackpool to go behind the scenes at this superb depot..


Copyright Peter Mowbray Live In Blackpool Ltd 


Showzam 2010..

Well today was the final day of the Showzam festival, after 10 years this event is getting bigger and better..
Its been very well supported and it has provided thousands of people with some excellent entertainment throughout its stay.
Today it was Heat the Streets.. basically it was circus acts and acts that involved lots of fire..

As it became darker the fire shows started..
First to perform was a fire act from Australia..
They had to perform on the bridge for safety reasons, but set to loud music they performed an amazing show..

We rushed down to a side street to see a strange musical instrument, that when it was played flames shot out of tubes..

They had events all over the place running to a tight schedule it was brilliant..

St Johns square was a blaze..

Now this was quite good, this man was an instrument and when he hit a not the corresponding flame came out of the object, very clever..

I loved photographing these two..

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